Snapshot on photoresist market

Photoresist is a mixed liquid that is sensitive to light. Classified by downstream applications, it can be divided into semiconductor photoresist, panel photoresist and PCB photoresist. In 2020, panel display is still the world’s largest application field of photoresist products; the semiconductor photoresist market has reached 1.8 billion US dollars.… Read More »Snapshot on photoresist market

LCD panel prices continue to rise

Due to the explosion of AGC Fine Techno Korea in Gumi, Gyeongbuk last week, it is predicted that the rise in LCD panel prices will continue in the second quarter. This is due to concerns that this accident affects the supply and demand situation of glass substrates for LCD panels… Read More »LCD panel prices continue to rise

Two Samsung’s Displays ex-researchers imprisoned for leaking secrets

Two Samsung Display researchers who handed over the company’s organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to small and medium-sized businesses were sentenced to prison sentences. On the 5th, Suwon District Court criminal 15-only court (Judge Lee Hye-rin) imprisoned Samsung Display’s chief researcher A (47) and lead researcher B (38), who were… Read More »Two Samsung’s Displays ex-researchers imprisoned for leaking secrets

Organic silicon – market & industry

Organosilicon is a kind of synthetic high molecular polymer with silicon and oxygen atoms as the main chain. Because the silicon-oxygen structure of the main chain has a strong chemical bond, the molecules of silicone polymers are much more stable to heat and oxygen than general organic polymers. Although the… Read More »Organic silicon – market & industry